3 Animals That WILL help increase running stamina

Do you struggle with your ability to run for long distances?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was some way you could run longer and faster without changing your lifestyle too much.

I used to be fat and stumpy as a kid when I figured out a secret trick that helped me run longer and faster than any of my friends. Even kids that were grades older than me struggled to keep up with my ability to run for so long.

My life was pretty ordinary. I walked to school for a few hours, get hit by a bus and then drag myself into school. This was my life. Day after day, it was all the same.

But, everything changed when my neighbor moved in.

He had a giant pet named Philly.

Now Philly was a beast of a bull. He weighed over 5000 pounds and stood 10 feet tall.

When I saw him, I ran.

And kept running.

Not one day did I stop.



PS. The 3 animals are Phil awake, Phil Asleep, and Phil might have more little Phil’s at any day…. plz run

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